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Guidelines for joining Evil
« on: September 04, 2012, 18:48:51 PM »
Hello and welcome to our clanboard!

Evil is open for new members, there is no test game or something like that required to join us. This however does'nt mean it's easy to become a member of the clan. In fact, it's probably quite hard to get in. 

First of all, we do expect some basic skills which are needed to play this game at a certain level, think of circle-jumps, bunnyhopping, weaponknowledge and stuff like that. Besides that; we want to know who we are bringing in, so we have to know you. If you're new to openarena, then it's adviced to spend some time with us in the arena and also in our irc channel, it will enhance your chances.

Above was the easy part, now the hard part. There is an unwritten rule here in Evil, there is no chance to get in if one of the founders doesn't like the idea. Maybe harsch, but we like to stay a solid medium sized clan.

Furthermore some logical things must apply to you;  some (basic) english is needed for communication in clanwars, you must be a bit older then the phase when you went to the kindergarten and you have to be able to come online regulary.

If you think, after reading above, you still can or want to join us, then leave a message here. Please fill in your (former) nick(s), age and stuff like that. We will answer as soon as possible.


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